In China, the issuance of value-added tax invoices must use the statutory golden tax system. However, the general internal financial management of enterprises use the Group's unified ERP or financial system. The gap between the finance system and VAT systems causes many additional manual work in VAT invoice issuing. Furthermore, it is difficult for foreign enterprises to generate regular VAT management reports, reconcile between VAT invoices and operation documents from global ERP system as none of global ERP systems have Chinese VAT management function.


Through the management platform and data interface, Tax PLUS Output uses the data exported from ERP or financial system to issue the VAT invoice directly, import tax data automatically, generate VAT adjustment and other reports, reduce the repeated labor in invoice process completely, ensure data consistency, maximize data utility.


    • Seamless Convergence of Golden Tax System
      Breaking the system barriers, from the ERP system directly to the Golden Tax invoice
    • Platform Process Management
      Fully guarantee the real-time and accuracy of the whole process of VAT invoice
    • Minimize Manual Processing
      Eliminate manual re-entry, free to set flexible rules, autocomplete special requirements
    • Maximize Data Efficiency
      Unified invoice and billing management, accurate tax-related data to help decision-making
    • Powerful Peport Flexible Query
      Multi-dimensional view of objective and real invoice reports, easy to find data differences
    • Express Delivery Management
      One-stop printing, scanning and express status inquiries, autoly send status messages
Tax PLUS Output can easily meet the needs of ERP or financial software upgrades, individual needs and regulatory changes, do not take up the financial team extra time, will not conflict with the global ERP implementation plan, not be limited by the Hangtian/Baiwang Golden Tax system. Tax PLUS Output can help enterprises to achieve an effective full value-added tax invoice management.
  • Reduce Labor Costs——Reduce duplication of data entry, centralized invoicing, effectively reduce labor costs
  • Improve the Efficiency of Invoice Issuing——Fully automated process to ensure invoice information is known, controllable, traceable, and improve enterprise management efficiency
  • Strengthen the Internal Control Management——Ensure the management process, ensure accurate and reliable invoice issued data, prevent the fake VAT invoices
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