Comprehensive "B to V" has been implemented for two months, for real estate enterprises, the test "B to V" brings to is far from over, tax management is still facing many challenges.

 The seminar will be through real cases, real estate enterprises with your interpretation of the tax management difficult to find an effective landing program:

  • An Analysis of the Policies and Tax Rates of the Reform of Real Estate Business
  • An Analysis of the Status Quo of the Real Estate Industry after "B to V"
  • Key Points of Value - added Tax System in Real Estate Industry
  • Case share of Real Estate Tax Management



Andrew Deng

——Senior Project Manager, PMI Certified

From 2013 onwards involved in the implementation of taxation software, to implement the consultant, project manager and other identity to participate in and lead the large number of large enterprises of the financial localization and tax management system implementation projects, enterprise tax system has a profound understanding.

Recent projects: a restaurant chain "business change" invoice management system, a large Japanese-funded enterprises financial sharing center invoice management platform.