A large insurance company, as the first approved Sino-foreign joint venture insurance brokers, several parts of the domestic companies. The company from the business tax period to select the Hitpoint solution, 2016 "battalion change", the company's value-added tax invoice management put forward high new requirements.


  • Separation of price and tax
    Without changing the financial system of the original Kingdee, based on the value-added tax to help enterprises realize the separation of import and export price tax
  • Data synchronization
    Automatic synchronization of financial receipt information, automatic order consolidation, https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ pushed to the tax control system for billing
  • Automatic authentication
    Automatic recognition of the proceeds of the invoice, posting automatically pushed to the Inland Revenue Department to complete the VAT system certification
  • Tax return
    Through the Invoicing Invoicing Management System and the financial system summary report, to achieve the VAT tax returns automatically

Customer Revenue

  • Adapt to the "business change" management requirements, the system a smooth transition
  • From receipt to billing, from identification to certification of the integrity of the invoice entry management process
  • Automatic data aggregation to provide reliable information for financial analysis
  • The automation system replaces the manual processing, reduces the labor cost

Customer Praise

  • Hitpoint has been very trust in the programs and services, the "camp to increase" no one let us down, complete the VAT program eliminates our worries.