A company is a manufacturer and a service provider of health care products with a strong global presence. The company uses a unified SAP to manage its business around the world. For Chinese companies to adapt to the needs of globalization, but also to meet the localization of the development of the localization of the financial bear the brunt, which requires a good program to solve the financial problems. The company because of the large amount of data, the face of an average of 1.5 million to 2 million of the huge amount of data, the general system can not function properly, or even paralysis, affecting the financial sector efficiency. Therefore, the company asked the program with a large amount of data to deal with the function; the other hand, China's fiscal and taxation policies for the characteristics of the program need to be able to successfully carry out financial filing.


  • Real-time 
    Synchronization in SAP data, without manual conversion, accurate and efficient
  • Flexible query
    Chinese account data query flexibility, easy to meet the daily tax, audit requirements
  • Efficient performance
    Support high concurrency and large data processing, you can set the timing task, automatically generate the Chinese side accounts
  • High security
    System stability and security, and scalability, to adapt to the needs of SAP version upgrade

Customer Revenue

  • Reliable Chinese accounts, to avoid policy risks
  • No need to change SAP, to adapt to global synchronization management
  • Successfully through the financial software for the record, improve credit rating

Customer Praise

  • After a good financial solution, Hitpoint's prompt service and technical support demonstrates the excellent service philosophy of a leading financial information consulting firm.
    IT Director