A leading global diversified large group, covering the energy, health care, transportation, finance and other fields, in the territory of China has more than 30 legal entities. Although the company has established a financial sharing center for many years, but still by hand for the processing of accounts receivable, more than 80,000 a year of the huge amount of votes, distributed billing points, different types of ERP systems, invoicing rules complex, The enterprise more than 30 receivables team struggling every day, which also led to large changes in accounts receivable management, business transfer trouble.


  • Unified platform
    B / S structure of the invoice management platform to support multi-branch, multi-user operation at the same time, and the user has a detailed level of authority management.
  • Integration of ERP
    Support automatically from a number of different ERP system to import data, embedded invoice rules of operation, can automatically handle the invoice information and special billing situation, and complete the bulk print.
  • Customized reports
    In accordance with business needs, can generate and export the relevant tax reports, business data analysis for the enterprise to provide data support.
  • Invoice delivery management
    Using the express interface module, through the communication with the invoice management platform to complete the mail, push reminders and other related tasks.

Customer Revenue

  • Group billing points reduced to 10
  • Data accuracy increased from 77% to 97%
  • Reduce costs by more than $ 300k per year
  • Capacity increase by 75%
  • Reduced cycle time by 75%
  • Saving more than 7,000 working hours

Customer Praise

  • Hitpoint's solutions helped the receivables team, greatly improving their productivity, and were named to our group's star projects.
    IT Manager